I've arrived!

On Sunday I arrived in Cala de Mijas, one of the 7 white towns in Andalusia.

The flight was calm and all fears for nothing!

I live with Claudia and her daughter on a Finca in the hills, with only nature around us.

Here I have my own room.

My job is to look after 3 horses: Lucero, Lucy and Chispa.

But it's hard work - harder than I believed.


Today, Lucy and Chispa broke out - they just ran through the fence! Luckily they didn't hurt themselves.

Now I have repaired it provisionally - and I hope it holds.

Perhaps Claudia and I want to ride later but I'm tired from working

and I'm glad to lay in bed just doing nothing :-)


Greetings from Spain to all of you in Germany!!!



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