Riding through the hills

"My" horse Chispa
"My" horse Chispa

Hola amigos!


Today the weather was great! Sun was shining and it was round 20°C.

Claudia and I went out with the horses and the dogs, around the hills of Mijas. Everywhere you see some Fincas and houses, it's very nice! But the way goes up and down, so we could only ride slowly.

After riding I washed the horses with the water hose and some shampoo. Now they are white again :-)

It was a long day so I'm very tired, I've got a headache and glad to lay in bed!

And: Being in nature and breathing the fresh air makes hungry - so I have to go and search something to eat!


Wish you a nice evening!


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    Juicer Reviews (Montag, 15 April 2013 07:40)

    I just shared this on Facebook! My pals will really want it!