Puppies caught in Pet-Shop!

Puppies in the Pet-Shop
Puppies in the Pet-Shop

Yesterday I visited a shopping-centre in Fuengirola with Georgia, the 14 year old daughter of Claudia. The difference between living on our finca and the modern buildings and crowds of people is really big.
We had a lot of fun there but then she showed me a pet shop. There were little puppies, nearly 6 weeks old, in small glass boxes. Some of them were alone, with no contact to other dogs. I was shocked!
I made some pictures and didn't care about the law that it's forbidden to make pictures.
I want to send them to PETA and I hope that they can do something...


Today we were riding outside again. The weather was wonderful. I decided to ride Chispa without saddle and it was great - she is such a wonderful horse! Unbelievable that she had been cruelty abused some years ago... My good old lady - she's around 18 years old.
Tomorrow a new week will start...
What will it bring? I'll tell you!

Many greetings to Germany,

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