Wonderful weekend

Last weekend was wonderful!

After 2 rainy days the sun was shining again. Claudia and I went to the beach and enjoyed breathing the fresh air from the sea. And on Sunday we were riding outside. Chispa was great! I love the 2 mares, they are so cute :-)

Next week a second AuPair will come to the Finca and Claudia is going to visit her parents in Germany for one week.

Here in Spain, my mental health is getting a little bit better! But I know that it will be more worse when I have to go back to Germany.... But I hope I can remain here since autumn.


Sunny greetings,


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Master of the outbreak

Yesterday the veterinarian was here because the pony Lucero is lame. He anaesthetized his leg and found out that Lucero could have arthrosis. For more details he will make an x-ray in a few days.

Poor Lucero, he has to conserve his leg and couldn't be ridden.


This morning when I wanted to feed the horses I found Lucero on the paddock of the two mares. He destroyed his whole fence, the little bastard! And I had to repair it... This pony is breaking out from everywhere - often I find him in the barn, eating some hay.

After work I was sitting near the horses in the sun - it was great!

The last days were hard for me, especially for my mental health. I don't know why but I'm getting more depressiv, I'm afraid of the future and the cutting pressure gets more and more. 

But I hope it is just temporary and will be over soon.

I think I'll stay here at least until April because my guestmother will fly to Germany in March so I have to look after house and animals. But another volunteer will come so we are in twos.


Wish you all the best!


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Puppies caught in Pet-Shop!

Puppies in the Pet-Shop
Puppies in the Pet-Shop

Yesterday I visited a shopping-centre in Fuengirola with Georgia, the 14 year old daughter of Claudia. The difference between living on our finca and the modern buildings and crowds of people is really big.
We had a lot of fun there but then she showed me a pet shop. There were little puppies, nearly 6 weeks old, in small glass boxes. Some of them were alone, with no contact to other dogs. I was shocked!
I made some pictures and didn't care about the law that it's forbidden to make pictures.
I want to send them to PETA and I hope that they can do something...


Today we were riding outside again. The weather was wonderful. I decided to ride Chispa without saddle and it was great - she is such a wonderful horse! Unbelievable that she had been cruelty abused some years ago... My good old lady - she's around 18 years old.
Tomorrow a new week will start...
What will it bring? I'll tell you!

Many greetings to Germany,

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The butterfly - one good act per day

Yesterday was a rainy day. But we waited long enough for some rain. The earth was dry, now the plants can grow again and fill the land with their green colours.


Today when I woke up, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. We had at least 18 degree. It was the first time that I was riding Lucy and it was great!


Since today I want to do one good deed every day - and I started with saving a butterfly from being drowned. It was fallen into a water bucket. I picked it up and put it into my so that the butterfly could dry its wings. Some minutes later the butterfly spread the wings and flew away into the sun...


Each creature has the same right to live, no matter how small it will be.

Each creature feels the same emotions: happiness, sadness, anger and fear.

Each creature needs the same: food, water, sleep, peace and living space.

So why do human beings think, that they are BETTER than other species?

Watch this video - and think!


Wish all of you a nice day full of peace and joy!

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Riding through the hills

"My" horse Chispa
"My" horse Chispa

Hola amigos!


Today the weather was great! Sun was shining and it was round 20°C.

Claudia and I went out with the horses and the dogs, around the hills of Mijas. Everywhere you see some Fincas and houses, it's very nice! But the way goes up and down, so we could only ride slowly.

After riding I washed the horses with the water hose and some shampoo. Now they are white again :-)

It was a long day so I'm very tired, I've got a headache and glad to lay in bed!

And: Being in nature and breathing the fresh air makes hungry - so I have to go and search something to eat!


Wish you a nice evening!


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I've arrived!

On Sunday I arrived in Cala de Mijas, one of the 7 white towns in Andalusia.

The flight was calm and all fears for nothing!

I live with Claudia and her daughter on a Finca in the hills, with only nature around us.

Here I have my own room.

My job is to look after 3 horses: Lucero, Lucy and Chispa.

But it's hard work - harder than I believed.


Today, Lucy and Chispa broke out - they just ran through the fence! Luckily they didn't hurt themselves.

Now I have repaired it provisionally - and I hope it holds.

Perhaps Claudia and I want to ride later but I'm tired from working

and I'm glad to lay in bed just doing nothing :-)


Greetings from Spain to all of you in Germany!!!



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Spain I'm coming

Now there are only 8 days left until my flight starts to Spain.

I'll stay at a german Finca. Here I have to look after 3 horses for free lodging.

But until then I have my suitcase to pack and some more important things which can't wait...


I wish all of you a happy new year!!!

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